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     Every loctitian can work out a method or combination of methods to work with. I avoid using any sort of extra products or chemicals and make the dreads 100% naturally, without wax.

-sectioning the hair into brick-layer pattern

-backcombing+palm roll

-twist and rip (when needed)

-CROCHETING (very time-taking, using a 0.6 mm hook)

      The dreads achieved will be thight and stiff for

a while, but no panic, they loosen up in a couple

of days.

      These dreads are permanent & trying to comb

them out will result in a damaged hair. However, 

it is not impossible at all to take them out 

without serious consequences, as long as they're 

still young.


      If you choose to add extensions for length,

the weight of the added extensions will help pull

the dreads downwards.

     For aftercare, I only recommend regular

washing with an organic, residue-free shampoo, separating them when needed, couple of tidyups a year, but no other products whatsoever. Coconut oil in case of dry dreads.

     I recommend a first maintenance a month after getting your dreads, to encourage them to lock in better, but after your first one, it's your personal preference how often you will want them tidied :)

If you have any other questions, contact me  here.

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The idea of The Dreadlock Factory was born in 2012, when, after making dreadlocks in Transylvania & Hungary for years, with the amazing help of The Prince's Trust, we could make our vision a reality: a small salon specialising only in natural crocheted dreadlocks.
Making & taking care of dreads & people's confidence in their hair became a calling the first time we saw that particular smile on our customer's faces.

TDF (The Dreadlock Factory) settled in Manchester in the summer of 2014. Since then, we had the pleasure to meet many amazing people through it, made friends and made & maintained hundreds of dreadlocks. Used & lost dozens of crochet hooks too. 

Could never be more thankful for You guys, my beautiful customers, for not only your trust, but loyalty & amazing company for the thousands of hours spent together   ♡   Your confidence in me means more than anything.

Your 'hairmesser' ,




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