DREADLOCKING (natural lenght)*

•up to 20 cm hair £150

•20-40 cm hair     £200

•40-60 cm hair     £250

•60-80 cm hair     £300

                           *final lenght will be shorter than initial, calculate with initial


• Ask for personalised prices in a message or book a consultation to get a quote


         £20 deposit for maintenances or £50 non-refundable deposit for fullheads/partials  to be taken without exception in order to make an appointment. The deposit secures the appointment & any preliminary work commissioned, and it will be deducted from the overall price of the work. Defection from the appointment agreed will result in surrender of the deposit, requiring a further £50 (or £20) to secure a new appointment. 

 48 hours notice is acceptable & deposit remains withstanding for a new appointment. 

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